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Statistics and sports betting


Statistics directly affect how successfully a person can play sports betting. It is very difficult to predict the result if you do not use statistics for analysis.


Websites of the best bookmakers offer separate sections with statistics. It shows in detail the results and performance of teams, as well as information about individual players. Plus such information can be found on other resources.


Statistics as a basic tool


Statistics can really be called the main and basic tool of a player who wants to make money on sports betting. It is with its help you can independently assess all the possible outcomes and results of the games, and compare it with what the bookmaker's office itself offers. Having such a powerful tool at your disposal, you can safely go to and make bets, winning and multiplying your deposit.


Most often, before making a bet, a player looks at the standings, studying the results of teams and the performance of individual players. The more experience a person has, the more in-depth the study of statistics is. And the deeper the analysis, the more accurate the prediction will be. These are facts that are hard to argue with.


A superficial study


If you are new to the world of sports betting, but start at least with a superficial analysis. Specifically:


  • standings;

  • team position;

  • recent results;

  • the results of the last face-to-face meetings between the teams and so on.


So you'll see how great the chances of a particular club to win.


Even a superficial analysis even more opportunities to win on the bets than a blind draw or betting on intuition, personal sympathy for a particular team.


In-depth analysis


After studying the general statistics, many bettors want to increase the accuracy of their predictions.


And this requires a deeper analysis. That is, you have to study a lot of additional factors. Yes, this takes more time and effort. But when a person gains experience, the in-depth analysis happens much faster.


Experienced players know that the type of turf, the officiating crew, and internal team relationships can greatly affect the outcome. And when things inside the club, which is the clear favorite on paper, are not going well, there is a good chance that in a match against an outsider it will lose.


It is possible to bet without statistics. But then you have to rely only on your intuition and luck. And that way you won't make a lot of money. Let's say even more. Winning at bets without analysis is almost impossible.

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