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Noise level and energy consumption of dehumidifiers


When choosing a dehumidifier for domestic use, everyone wants it to do its job effectively, but not to create discomfort while working.


That is, you need to find a balance between performance and noise level. It is unlikely that you will be pleased to fall asleep to the hum of the device.


But power consumption should also be at an acceptable level. Still, you will have to pay for the operation of dehumidifiers not only when you buy them, but also during operation.



Noise level


Such a characteristic as noise level is paid attention to when a dehumidifier is bought for installation in a children's room or in a bedroom. Here you should pay attention to Nova dehumidifiers, which you can find on and learn all the details about them.


A comfortable and acceptable noise level for such rooms is 30-35 dB. This is about the same noise level as a household air conditioner.


Nowadays, there are dehumidifier models on sale that are equipped with a night mode function. It is a special dehumidifier setting when it switches to a lower fan speed. Sleeping with such a device will be as comfortable as possible. There is practically no noise and the humidity is maintained at an optimal level.


Energy consumption


Not everyone is willing to pay a lot of money to maintain an optimal level of humidity in the house. But it's better to just get a model with low energy consumption.


We recommend that you avoid low-power devices without a compressor. Yes, these dehumidifiers are the cheapest. But they dry poorly, and they use a lot of electricity to remove moisture.


The optimal solution is a condensation dehumidifier with a compressor. They are efficient and economical.


There is also the adsorption type of device. They will be indispensable when you need to work in conditions of low temperatures. But their power consumption will also be high.


Keep in mind that most condensation dehumidifiers have several operating modes. That is, they have a choice of fan speeds. All of these have certain power consumption figures.


The purchase of a dehumidifier should be approached responsibly. The device must meet all the requirements and effectively cope with the assigned tasks.

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